July, July, July

My, my, my how time can fly!
It seems like yesterday it was still May. No classes, spending almost every day watching movies or just generally bumming around--walking, talking, exploring. Wasting time with my favorite person was the best way to pass the day. A few room mate troubles, however it's nothing serious that a little venting and passive aggression can't fix.
But now the first semester of summer classes is almost over with only a tiny break until the next one. Health and wellness and Spanish nearly conquered with computer skills and modern philosophy still to come. I hate that I have to rush through some of these classes, but alas I need the credits in order to graduate on time. Five weeks just doesn't seem like nearly enough time to procure anything useful out of a college course. Honestly though, I'm glad to be done with this round of learning. I don't feel like I learned much of anything useful, but it's mostly my fault for not working harder. Meh...it's summer.
That's the absolute best excuse for all of what I've done this summer. And I don't regret one single bit of it. In all seriousness the best summer I've had ever, and I'm sure I was due for it finally. An apartment with a pool, decent neighbors, and a really rad new friend have made it perfect. I think I've found someone I can be comfortable with. My mom threw around the word smitten and I can't say she's completely wrong. Someone who enjoys my company as much as I enjoy his. And the first person to make me a mix CD with me in mind. That seems like such a trivial thing, but it really means a lot--probably more than it should. But if we could spend the rest of our lives just playing music we thought the other would enjoy, then I think I could die happy.
So as I'm typing this I am relaxing on my porch listening to the crickets mix with the Black Keys and watching all manner of bugs scurry and fly around. I should be writing about my favorite day with Spanish preterit and imperfect verbs, but that can wait until tomorrow night.
I promise next time it won't be nearly two months until I write again!

Till next time


  1. I know what you mean about the flying of time. I started (yet another) blog in May too, with the best of intentions - and still haven't done a July post.


    Coley, Cooley, Colley (that's me). Funny huh? I love to read your stuff, and you are one of the few people who i'm genuinely happy for (not even the tiniest bit jealous or begrudging of your joy). I have a daughter who's at college but i feel i know more about you than i do about her. I think i've kind of adopted you, in some strange e-hands across the ocean sort of setup.

    Wishing you all good things. Enjoy the summer, enjoy your life.

    Paul in the 'hole
    (Bradford UK)

  2. Well it seems I spoke too soon. I should have known I couldn't be happy for long, before something went belly up.