Alabamian Article: I And Love And You

Depending on where this change of season finds you, The Avett Brothers latest, I And Love And You, could be the perfect sound for your adventures or a gleaming reminder of what summer should have been. With cryptic album art and more press coverage than ever, The Avett boys have their work cut out for them. The Avett Brothers, a trio native to North Carolina, released their seventh studio album and major label debut last Tuesday. Unlike previous releases, this record sounds much more produced, shiny even. But as these boys will show you, a little sheen never hurt anyone. This obvious shift could be due in part to Rick Rubin’s involvement in the production. One could easily say that such an iconic name being involved in the making of this album can only help the band. But the big named producer does not affect the fact that The Avett Brothers have delivered another stand up album. However, die hard fans must note that this isn’t a continuation of previous releases.

There are a few distinct characteristics that the band carried through to their new songs. Scott Avett’s banjo playing and the brother’s harmonies still play a large role like in “Laundry Room”. They’re also known for their verse sharing and lovey-dovey songwriting displayed perfectly in “January Wedding” about a couple so deeply in love their heart is actually one. “But I know what she's sayin'/I understand because my heart and hers are the same/And in January we're gettin' married.” Some newer sounds have emerged though, Seth Avett has taken to the keys and the drums are more prevalent than in previous albums. “Kick Drum Heart,” about the giddy start of a brand new relationship highlights the new drums and keys beautifully all while making you want to dance. All in all this is a great record and released at a perfect time in the year. The title track begins the record with a kick. However, The middle has a small lull, but I mostly blame the track placement. The end is rounded out nicely, but still leaves the listener wanting more. So if you’re still looking for an album that can put that special kick in your step, look no further. Stand-out songs: It Goes On And On, I And Love And You, And It Spread.

Maddy Coley

October 2009

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